ZEEKtheFREAK is an alter-ego of mine, but people expect you to me hyper 24/7....it's just a fantasy, let me be


As the fucking bimbo wrapped her endless legs around my neck,
She squeezes the blood out of my head headed lies,
I watch her getting down on her knees and she wonders if my soul's for keeps
but hey can't you see your rosy lips are sucking me dry
I will destroy you endorse your teenage suicidal views,
but I'm just a fantasy so get the fuck away from me
I'm just the dream you wanna live when your trip is fucked up sleep

I don't give a shit the way the people stare at me like I've got a strange disease,
It's just a jealous attitude they are wearing instead of their casual Levi jeans,
let them point and stare cause when they get home and they're banging up their wife,
it's me she fantasizes about when he's on top and the bitch is getting off
I will destroy you endorse your midlife crisis blues,
but I'm just a fantasy so get the fuck away from me
I'm just the life you wanna live when you're too blind to see

What divine right made you God, by judging me a junky in disguise,
cause it's you that takes the pill of ecstasy to get a kick away from paralyzed life's
I may not fit into suburbia's life but does that symbolize me a freak,
though I take pity on your soul, my vengeance will prove, it's you that fucking weak.
I will destroy you endorse your blinkered point of view,
but I'm just a fantasy so get the fuck away from me
I can't breathe the same air cause it's fucking choking me.....just die


from P​.​M​.​S. (psychoz maxi singles volume 1), released October 8, 2017
Zeek Catweazle: vocals, guitar, drum simulator
Barry Krishna: bass guitar

music & lyrics s.a.smith/ZEEKtheFREAK 2008


all rights reserved



ZEEKtheFREAK Alkmaar, Netherlands

ZEEKtheFREAK is the musical pseudonym of Dundonian musician and entertainer Zeek. The musical project began in 1996.

The ZEEKtheFREAK music project is a combination of music and theatrical vision.

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